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Brookeside Pudelpointers Mission

Brookeside Pudelpointers was established to breed Pudelpointers that excel in the field, marsh, and home.  As a member of the North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA) we are committed to producing the highest performing Pudelpointers.

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About Brookeside Pudelpointers

Brookeside Pudelpointers is committed to preserving and maintaining the bloodlines that produced the desirable traits in our high performance versatile gun dogs.  We take great pride in producing versatile gun dogs that excel in the field and blind, and have the ability to be calm family companions in the home.

Our family actively hunts, trains and tests our Pudelpointers at the highest levels in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).  The NAVHDA testing system provides an accurate and complete performance evaluation used in assessing the important qualities of a good versatile dog and productive hunting companion.

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Our Dogs

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Information about our current and future breeding stock, bloodlines, and test scores can be found on Our Dogs page.  Click on a dogs pedigree to learn more about their sire or dam.



We are selective in choosing the homes that we place our pups.  We do not sell to non-hunting homes.  We only place puppies in responsible, avid hunting homes.

Breeding Program


As a member of NAPPA, we are committed to the goal of producing the highest performing Pudelpointers that excel in the field, marsh, and home. 

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